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Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

One more day of development on this site, some more updates available. It's nice to see the thing evolving!

Today I could improve considerably the typography, again... Yeah, because wasn't good enough on previous version. Although I still think it always have room for more improvement, but need to focus on the schedule and deliver small changes at a time.

Checkout the list of updates:

  • Got rid of that sidebar in favor of the tabs navigation in the header;
  • The page have more space for text and have white background;
  • New font families for headings and text;
  • The post listing have icons for the categories;
  • The category page was assembled to list that category's posts;
  • Categories is now a content type, maybe will have a poster image in the future;
  • Looks a bit better on mobile, although more work is still required to be fully mobile-friendly;


The idea of categories is to provide a way to have a collection of posts. A category is not exactly the same of a tag by some reasons:

  • Categories are unique per posts and a post can have many tags;
  • Categories have own pages while tags will only have a dynamic filter on search page;

At the time of this post, the content are available into 3 categories:


Well, the previous choices for typography wasn't good, so I'm testing a new combination :)

  • Permanent Marker for the site title
  • Cairo for the headings
  • IBM Plex Serif for the text


Some screenshots to keep a history of the changes.

Previous version

Homepage of this blog's previous version
Home page

The current version

Homepage of this blog's current version
Home page
Post page of this blog's current version
Post page
Category page of this blog's current version
Category page
Article page of this blog's current version
Article page