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Comments section using Disqus and React

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Comment section is a cool feature to have. Now you can express yourself and talk to me!

This is a static file site, so don't have a server running on background to store and controll the data. Instead spend a lot time designing and building my solution for this need, I choose to use Disqus, that I have previous experience using it and it's great.

For the implementation I decided to use https://github.com/ryanvalentin/disqus-react. The Disqus implementation is quite straight forward, but doing it on React would have some considerations to take care of and I just wanted to skip and rely on something already battle tested.

Taking advance on this post, have you noticed the new styles? Well, I admit that art direction is not my strenght, and so far I didn't invested too many time working to make it pretty. Will continue touching styles to make better. Tell me what you think about the visual, bring it on! What, if something, did you liked? How could be better? :D