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Monday, February 26th, 2018

There are some repetitive tasks that can cause some laziness to advance fast in the project. Boilerplate generators are something very cool that it's has been around for a while. Many of us already used Yeoman for the scaffolding task. There are also many React boilerplate generators on NPM that works quite well for many purposes.

For this project I wrote my own script to generate files. Not intended to be a competitor of other options, this was for fun, for exercising Node.js skills.

Let's see what we have already:

  • yarn new:component
    • This will prompt the user to pick one of the types: displays or screens, ask for a name and if it should be nested in some other component of same type. This setup uses the "display&container" pattern for React components, I think this is amazing way to develop frontend and will dedicate an entire post explaining that.
  • yarn new:content
    • So far this site only have posts content type, and so far it's just a simple markdown (frontmatter) file with some defaul variables.

About the progress

I'll repeat this a little often, this project is in progress, this is second day I'm working on it and I'll explain what I'm doing on the posts. I hope you enjoy and find it useful... And I hope you give suggestions and feedback as soon as I integrate a comment section 😂 - GH Issues is already there if you want to say something now.

Alright, my generator scripts are not optimized, there are a lot redundant code and things that is far from perfect. But hey, it works. That's not ideal I know but I'm already using it for myself and as much as my available time allows me, I'll make it better.

Here, my goal for a near future is to abstract away the generator script into a NPM package github.com/bernardodiasc/generator (pleae note that this package is still not ready at the time I write this post), I'll even include a boilerplate of this entire framework and more advanced CLI.

If you want to take a look at the source code of the existing generators, here it goes:

Pull requests are welcomed! Cheers!